Tefillin Sets

At Tiferes you can purchase ready-made tefillin with a clear, detailed information for each set, so you can make sure the products meet your clients' concerns. The information includes a list of the hiddurim, a copy of the writing, and the name of the sofer, upon request. This will allow you the confidence to sell ready-made, quality tefillin that will satisfy your clients' expectations.

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Tefillin Straps

Tiferes chooses high quality straps from Kanfei Yonah, a factory headed by Rabbi Aharon Weissman, who is known for his professional and honest standards. The top quality straps are handmade and are under the strict supervision of Rabbi Moshe Klein Shlit"a. Tiferes offers the same prices as the factory and a warranty.

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Tefillin Boxes

Tiferes independently manufactures beautiful tefillin boxes in a small, high-quality factory. To ensure the best results, only a limited number of tefillin boxes are manufactured in each line, and utmost attention is given to each and every box. This assures maximum quality and avoids common mishaps.

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Tefillin Parshiyos

While sofrim abound in the Jewish world, it remains a challenge to find ready, quality parshiyos that are written by a qualified and G-d fearing sofer for the right price.
Tiferes offers the perfect solution for STa"M retailers:

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Sifrei Torah

Purchasing a sefer Torah from Tiferes is an easy way to enhance this mitzvah. Tiferes sells beautiful and quality sifrei Torah, as truly befitting this most holy and precious Jewish item.
Why choose a Tiferes sefer Torah?

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