Sifrei Torah

Purchasing a sefer Torah from Tiferes is an easy way to enhance this mitzvah. Tiferes sells beautiful and quality sifrei Torah, as truly befitting this most holy and precious Jewish item.
Why choose a Tiferes sefer Torah?

  • Tiferes is careful to choose sofrim who are Torah scholars, yirei shamayim, and truly professional and qualified to write sifrei Torah. Tiferes is happy to share the name and details of the sofer with an interested client so he can get a firsthand impression of the writer of his sefer Torah.

  • Tiferes works in conjunction with the sofer throughout the entire process and guides him toward more accurate writing that meet all the halachic stringencies. Tiferes will never buy ready sifrei Torah, and all the sifrei Torah for sale are owned and not commissioned. In this way, Tiferes is able to be involved at every stage to accommodate the client’s preferences or request for changes, and avoid problems and misunderstandings.

  • Tiferes adopts all stringencies, both regarding the parchment and quality ink. The tagim are written with the preferred sofrim’s ink and not chemical ink.

"It's Tiferes's experience, professionalism, selection, prices, and quality that will assure you the sefer Torah you anticipate."