Tefillin Parshiyos

While sofrim abound in the Jewish world, it remains a challenge to find ready, quality parshiyos that are written by a qualified and G-d fearing sofer for the right price.
Tiferes offers the perfect solution for STa"M retailers:

  • A large selection of high-quality parshiyos, written by qualified and G-d fearing sofrim on quality klaf and ink. The tagim are also written with sofrim's ink and not with chemical ink. The parshiyos are written by a steady team of sofrim, enabling constant follow-up on the quality of the writing and guidance for more accurate writing.
  • Fixed and equal prices for all retailers...and cheaper than the sofer's prices! Convenient installment plans available.
  • Large, fully stocked selection and an updated catalog of parshiyos to choose from. Easy order options and immediate delivery.

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The Practical Guide for Purchasing Quality Parshiyos

1. Request to see the parshiyos and ask a sofer or magihah for their take on their kashrus, quality, and value.
2. Inquire that the sofer is a yirei shamayim (by speaking to his shul rav, for example).
3. Inquire about the hechsher of the parchment.
4. Request that the parshiyos be written on thin, quality parchment.
5. As a hiddur, ask for parshiyos that are written by a sofer who has kept a taanis dibbur.
6. As a hiddur, if you use Arizal or Sephardic writing, request that the names of Hashem be written according to the guidelines of the Zohar.
7. There is no hiddur to use handmade parchment, but some are stringent to do so.