thumb tiferetstamTiferes, the leading STa"M (sifrei Torah, tefillin, and mezuzos) center under the management of Rabbi Bentzion Meir, is an exclusive wholesaler in Israel and worldwide that supplies quality STa"M products to retailers, sofrim, megihim, community rabbis, school principals, and others in the STa"M market.
Tiferes is a leading STa"M supplier throughout the world and a trusted partner of most retailers and others in the market of quality STa"M products.

The high reputation and overwhelming demand Tiferes has earned is a direct outcome of:
• Uncompromising efforts to ensure quality products
• Stringent standards of halachah and hiddurim
• Acclaimed honesty and courteous service

Satisfied clients attest that Tiferes is the wise choice for their STa"M purchases.