Why Choose Tiferes?

Why do STa"M retailers choose Tiferes?

Uncompromising quality

Tiferes sells high-quality STa"M products that are assessed by strict standards. Tiferes identifies defects that an untrained eye will not detect and chooses only high-quality products.

Fair, steady rates

Tiferes offers low prices that even rival those of sofrim. Tiferes achieves this by regularly purchasing large amounts of STa"M products for lower fees per item. This is a winning solution: clients enjoy quality products for reduced rates, with the added option of a convenient installment plan.

Convenient Purchase

Tiferes stores are always stocked with a large and varied inventory of STa"M products. Purchases can also be made online: All you need to do is choose a product from the catalog, check out the authentic photo of the writing, order by phone or online, and your product of choice is on the way.
These reasons and more are what keep our clients coming back again and again for another easy, high quality purchase.

Tiferes is the original STa"M wholesaler - beware of imitations!